Friday, October 16, 2015

Senuke 3.2.86 Cracked Software Free Download

Senuke 3.2.86 Cracked Software Free Download
Get Senuke 3.2.86 Free. SENuke has gotten sites indexed in less than 8 hours from launch. I bought 10 domains the other day, put my site generator on them, SENuked them, and within 8 hours 8 of the 10 of them had between 1 and 10 pages indexed in Google.
I have around 50 domains that I promote with SENuke. I launched them all in June with 0 traffic to any of the sites. I am doing over 20k uniques per month and before my monthly bonus the 50 test sites for this particular idea I had earned $426. I had a $42 day yesterday. This is all CPC earnings too, no CPA (yet). The sites did close to 3k clicks in July.

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